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A passion before being a profession

VTC pour mariage - chauffeur privé

The company Leocleme Prestige was born from a project supported by two exceptional princesses.


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Léonie & Clémentine

Chauffeur Privé - VTC à Chambéry pour tous vos transferts et mises à disposition professionnel et privé

Marianne has joined the adventure

The desire to take up a new challenge in the world of passenger transport (VTC – Private driver) came from a mixture of three passions that are mountain, driving and especially the customer relationship.

We come from the world of mountains, skiing and tourism.

The president of Les Arcs, through his work as a ski lifter and first aid tracker until 2016, has always been in permanent contact and at the service of customers in winter.

To this came the passion of volunteer firefighter for fifteen years.

He has also been a truck and super-heavy driver for several summer seasons for a transport and public works company, specializing in mountain work that regularly operates on narrow, winding and unstable roads.

As a result, came the desire and curiosity to undertake.

A first company in general mechanics, industrial maintenance was born.

This allowed him to flourish and increase his desire for development.

Public works companies, ski lifts and special equipment installations in the mountains have entrusted him. This is how he discovered the trip to carry out special work in Slovenia (Bovec), Switzerland (Cran Montana), Nice and various French regions and stations.

This is why becoming a Private Driver was for him something natural and important with great personal value. Even today, he continues to exchange ideas and to serve others.

It was important to her to discover, differently, people from different cultures and social levels.

Moreover, his passion to transmit and share with customers is a real pride. 

Today, we can only think about the trust of our customers, our partners and their loyalty.

Your confidence allows us to be more present and continue to develop our performance in a climate of serenity.

Many thanks to all, customers, employees and partners.

Moreover, respect, punctuality, comfort, security, discretion and confidentiality for our customers are our main rules and priorities.

Do not hesitate to contact us. Whether your need is professional or personal, a solution adapted to your requests will be proposed to you.

See you on our network.

Leocleme Prestige

Our story in pictures

Sécurité des pistes les Arcs
Monteur - Mecanique Générale
Travaux sur corde
Secouriste - secours en montagne les Arcs
Travaux spéciaux - Sur cordes - En Hauteur
Travaux spéciaux - Sur cordes - En Hauteur
Travaux d'accès difficile
Transfert d'affaires personnalité - Vip - Meeting - Team Building
Travaux en Hauteur - Heliportage
Pisteur Secouriste - Artificier - les Arcs
Secours en montagne - Heliportage
Secours Hors Piste

Leocleme Prestige

Your transport company in Rhone Alps.

We transport you in complete security, confidentiality, respect and punctuality.

A VIP service accessible to all.

It is because we do not differentiate between Palace destinations and those of campsites that Leocleme Prestige can offer you a fair price and accessible to all.

Our prices are calculated according to our rate of profitability with respect to the proposed vehicles, the number of kilometers, the theoretical time to connect the two points, the motorway and parking charges that correspond to the route.

Prices may vary from those of fuel and your specific requests.

Do not hesitate, book your transfer at the right price.

Means of payment:

Cash; Visa; Master Card; American Express; Bank Transfer; Online via secure server; Cheque; Foreign Currency:* Swiss Francs, Dollars, Pounds Sterling, Japanese Yen.


*Conversion made according to the value of the exchange court in real time, +3% of the price in € of the service for bank fees.